Aviation Maintenance technician training

*** Please Note: We are in Start-Up phase, working through redesign after timeline hurdles and lender barriers. ***

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We’ll have the tools you need throughout your education, you won’t have to worry about purchasing or using your own while you are in school.

We will give you the textbooks, workbooks, and other course material as part of your all inclusive curriculum.

We will assist you through-out each certification milestone, help you locate the proper testing facilities, and even cover the cost of each student’s first attempt at each test as part of your courses.

Airframe, Powerplant, Avionics

The twin cities newest aviation maintenance technician education and training option.

As a small, veteran-owned start-up, we are taking on the challenges of opening our doors with gusto.

We also welcome and appreciate any help we can get along the way.  As we continue to move the process forward, reaching regular milestones, we humbly ask for your help.  Monetary donations are delightful, equipment donations are essential, and simply connecting with us on social media and spreading the word of our efforts and services keeps us grinning.


*Equipment donations should contact us directly via email or phone to discuss logistics.



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Opening a new trade school requires a lot of important equipment and resources. Help fund a veteran-owned business by donating to our development.


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Share our efforts and vision within your networks.  Social media is a powerful marketing tool and we want to get our name out there.


Alternate funding

Depending on set-up, and FAA certification processing, we may offer other, rewards based funding options.



Developing partner-ships with local airlines and general aviation.


Connecting with companies for field trips and inspiration.

Quality of education and training is the cornerstone to our foundation.

We want students to walk into our classrooms with excitement, and leave with confidence, as their future begins to unfold.

Get involved, donate, and help bring our dream to life